Grill 5•8•4

It All Started… 

In 1854 Burlington was formed as a railroad repair center originally named “Company Shops.” For thirty years the railroad was THE industry here, but in 1886 the railroad company left. The town could have perished, but its citizens faced the challenge and turned the community in a new direction with a new name—Burlington. Textiles, an aircraft factory, electronic manufacturing and a clinical laboratory company developed and became the citizens’ livelihood.

Migration to the west side of town soon gave way to growth and prosperity in Burlington, including the development of new towns such as Elon and Glen Raven. These towns used the telephone exchange 584. This exchange was often associated with the new “IN” place to be.

Thus the term “5-8-4” was born! Today the phrase “5-8-4” is used to express something is “excellent” or the “place to be.”

Our argyle pattern logo “sews” all of us together in a community representing the best with a casual elegance. This is what GRILL5•8•4 is all about! We don’t profess to be all that, but we just give it our best!

Thank you for your patronage.